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Our company has focused on two of the latest developments in Web technology: Ecommerce and SEO. These web technologies are always on the forefront of design and have the greatest competition amongst businesses. As more and more companies go online and customers do more business every year on the Web, these areas of development continually expand and change. Moreover, these areas involve not just the work of a single company and its customers, but also countless other technology companies, which are constantly creating new hardware and software to improve user experiences.

What Makes Us a Better Company in Our Field

mark alford

Mark Alford has worked in the internet industry for nearly 10 years. A registered professional civil engineer in the state of California by trade, Mark specialized in the design and construction of alternative energy systems in conjunction with remediation technologies. In this capacity, Mark had the opportunity to serve as an engineering consultant for both private clients and US government agencies.

Applying this quantitative skill set and managerial drive, Mark acquired his first ecommerce company as a side project and later become fully involved, working on his ebusinesses full time.

Mark has grown his enterprise from its origins to a highly profitable web development and investment firm comprised of over 600 websites. The company has assets in a variety of niche markets generating revenue streams from advertising, affiliate marketing and direct sales. In addition to its web portfolio, Atlantis Marketing recently announced the launch of its consulting division that offers the same best in class SEO and business development strategies to online business owners and startups alike.

Mark is the founder of Sun Pacific ventures, a private equity fund and Atlantis Marketing, a leading web development consulting firm. These enterprises combined, Mark and his team offer a suite of web development and business services including M&A consulting, web valuation, marketing and acquisition strategy. Mark maintains residences in San Diego and Salt Lake City and maintains offices in both locations.

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Like any good investment portfolio, a successful business plan is all about diversifying. With Atlantis you’ll be getting a range of services that are aimed at developing your business’ position on many different fronts on the Web.