Recent Solutions

Internet Marketing
Internet marketing means looking at the entire picture of your business on the Web. We’ll save you a bundle of time and money by using proven Internet marketing methods.
SEO Consultation
Search Engine Optimization is all about seeing what customers look for in search engine queries and tailoring content on your website to these queries.
Ecommerce Design
Directing traffic to your site is only half the battle, the other half is developing a top quality and user friendly website design to funnel the traffic where you want it.
Advertising Consultation
Advertising consultation will closely examine the look of all of your ads to create a consistent and strongly stated voice about your business and your products to ensure you are heard and remembered.

Our Strategies are Grounded in Data Analysis and High Returns for our Clients

Atlantis’ services use the latest in Web technology and business methods, integrating the two to create marketing plans that focus on what customers are looking for and catering to these interests. Much of this will focus on creating an evaluation of your business to get a good idea of where you are at in the current business climate. The look of your website, the marketing options available for your business, the customer base, and the overall look and appeal of your brand are essential to this process.

But these days, it’s no longer about focus groups or a few fanciful ideas. Instead, Atlantis uses the latest advances in technology and Web metrics to create a laser beam on how customers use search engines and move through websites. Using this data, Atlantis can give you advice on how to structure your marketing plan based on what customers want in a truly verifiable way. This will target everything in your marketing plan, down to the words you use, how many times you use them and where they’re placed on your websites.

Web Development
Best practice web development combines usability, scalability, SEO and strong branding. Developing websites for ecommerce companies, travel industries, small businesses, entrepreneurs and educators has expanded our knowledge of development beyond any other marketing company. While every website is different, their desired result is always the same, does the website convert? Did the designer have a clear understanding of the owner’s goals? More importantly, did the owner have a clear understanding of his or her goals? We will work with you to ensure you have the information you need to confidently contribute to the end use of your website. We are here to support you.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO has grown increasingly complex and competitive over the past few years. Our project managers are dedicated to staying abreast of the most recent market changes and keeping on top of the latest technologies and strategies that keep sites on the front of the results page. Our SEO packages offer comprehensive solutions for you that will increase traffic and conversions. Whether you are looking to increase your local SEO presence or grab a position for major key terms, we will develop a custom tailored SEO solution to meet your goals.

Pay Per Click Management
If you have been operating a pay-per-click marketing campaign and you have ever questioned the efficacy of your monthly operating budget, then you are not alone. Our tools and resources will assess your current marketing plan and identify weaknesses and areas of improvement. And if you haven’t tried pay-per-click that’s fine too, we can build an effective campaign for you that will generate results.

Social Media Marketing
If you’ve been looking to get into social media but you don’t know where to start, then we are here to help. Managing a social media marketing plan can seem daunting, especially when you haven’t done it before. Our staff of social media specialists can manage social media accounts for you until you are confident to run them in house. You don’t need to be tied to your computer in order to manage your social media, we can provide you with a clear plan to manage your accounts.

Email Marketing
We’ve partnered with the best email marketing companies around. If you have 2,500 names in your database or 250,000 names in your database, we can custom build a marketing plan to meet your needs. With so many websites online competing for impressions today, you cannot understate the importance of marketing to your customer database. While many web owners have tried this with limited success we have tools to maximize return on investment for your email marketing dollars. We can also partner with specialized marketing firms to combine your strategies with your radio and TV advertising.

Affiliate Marketing
Growing your business means growing your brand. Affiliate marketing provides not only an additional revenue stream but gets your products and brand in front of more eyes. Diversify your revenue stream, diversify your marketing plan, layout a well planned affiliate marketing campaign. Our creative and experienced designers will construct creatives that combine strong brand representation with conversions.

Conversion Optimization
You are not making money if your visitors do not become customers. Our conversion optimization process combines all three elements of web development, design, navigation, usability to maximize your conversions. We will analyze your site usability and traffic analytics to determine its current strengths and weaknesses. Using A/B Split testing, multivariate testing in a comprehensive usability testing environment, we will maximize your conversion goals.

Ecommerce Consulting
Managing an ecommerce business combines the management skills of a brick and mortar company with the tech savvy elements of a cutting edge corporation. This can be a daunting task if you do not have the staff and resources to support you. Our experience owning, managing and consulting over 100+ online companies will give you the experience you need to eliminate the busy work and focus on the business management that affects your bottom line.