Internet Marketing
Internet marketing means looking at the entire picture of your business on the Web. We’ll save you a bundle of time and money by using proven Internet marketing methods.
SEO Consultation
Search Engine Optimization is all about seeing what customers look for in search engine queries and tailoring content on your website to these queries.
Ecommerce Design
Directing traffic to your site is only half the battle, the other half is developing a top quality and user friendly website design to funnel the traffic where you want it.
Advertising Consultation
Advertising consultation will closely examine the look of all of your ads to create a consistent and strongly stated voice about your business and your products to ensure you are heard and remembered.


"I purchased from Mark Alford in July 2009. Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the transaction. Mark handled my introduction to the business in an open and transparent manner from the start. He answered all my questions and did his best to familiarize me with the industry and web assets to make sure I knew what I was buying before the close. At the time of close, he promptly transferred all the identified assets of the business to me.

After the transfer of assets, Mark provided a training seminar that covered daily operations of the business and an in-depth search engine optimization (SEO) explanatory segment. Mark assisted with the transfer of vendors and transition of my new ownership was smooth and seamless. Mark also provided me with a go-forward strategy for the business and a task list identifying exactly what I needed to be doing in order to grow the company.

Financials for the company after transition have been very strong. Product sales revenues performed as expected and Google Adsense revenues have steadily increased. Our addition of an Amazon affiliate program to the site has also increased revenues significantly.

Traffic and rankings on the site have increased as well. The SEO work Mark performed on the site before I took ownership gave the site residual momentum for traffic growth and has proved highly effective. The site’s rankings and traffic have increased since I took over.

Mark has proven to be a valuable resource for questions and guidance regarding my websites and internet ventures. I am happy to have worked with him and would recommend him without reservation to other buyers."

- Greg and Dawn Head, The Monarch Group L.L.C.


"I never thought I would be able to get out of my daily grind until I bought a website from Mark. The idea of an online company that produces money with little time investment and could be operated from the comfort of my own home was something that I always wanted but didn’t know how to get. After speaking with Mark, I realized that one of his companies had those characteristics. I bought a site from him and I could not be more pleased with the site’s performance and my decision to work with Mark. is the 2nd website I purchased that Mark has built. The 1st site I bought took off after just a few months of me owning it. In fact, I was able to pay off the amount I bought it for in a much shorter amount of time than I anticipated. Similarly, I also paid off IrishWalkingSticks in about half the time I thought it would take. And it was pretty clear things were going to take off when after several months of owning the site, my ranking for one of my major keyterms went up from #6 to #1! And I hadn’t even really started on the SEO work Mark and I discussed for the site. I was number one out of nearly 10 million competing websites, it was great. Mark’s training was a critical factor. I do not think I could have been successful if I had bought a business from any other seller that did not have his training sequence and who could provide the ongoing help he did. In short, there was a lot to learn and I am still learning every day.

I also found the overall experience of owning the business to be very positive and even fun. Working with my vendors was positive, mutually beneficial and profitable. Once I got a solid understanding of the business and ran things for a little bit, I really wanted to take things to the next level. I started by thinking of new and creative ways to increase margins and profits for the site. After a little research, I discovered that by using my vendor’s warehouse and fulfillment systems I could increase my product offering and margins without having to store my own inventory. With a phone call and a few emails, I am able to make significant changes to the structure of my business and enhance my customer’s experience. I’m also able to review my site performance and quickly implement and test solutions to problems or experiment with new ideas. The internet is such a powerful method of doing business. At first I thought operating an ecommerce store would be confusing and complicated. What I discovered however, was that it’s an engaging experience that his highly rewarding and profitable. Mark and his team are a valuable asset and a great resource for anyone looking to do business online."

- Randy Carroll,